Love and Monsters Review

An fun and epic adventure of love at the end of the world.


Dylan Gamble, Staff Writer

“Love and Monsters” is a comedy thriller, starring Dylan O’Brien, who plays as Joel, a wimp caught in a post-apocalyptic world who goes  on a journey to reach the love of his life in a city full of mutated insects and amphibians. On his way he meets some people, who will teach him how to survive  above ground, and a dog, who will be his companion throughout his journey. 

Dylan O’Brien/Joel finds a way to keep his sense of humor by making jokes through tough times. This charisma also makes the movie very sweet and entertaining. “Love and Monsters’ ‘ is also a movie about finding yourself. Along Joel’s journey he learns courage, love, and friendship. These are aspects you would not expect to learn in a post-apocalyptic world. He shows us that there is a way to live in a world like this and that humans always find a way to survive in any condition. 

 This movie was a perfect combination of comedy and horror in the same movie because it has everything like love, action, comedy, adventure, and many more things that just makes this a great movie. I totally recommend watching it, it is rated PG-13 so you can sit down and watch it with the entire family if you want it will have something that everyone loves. He makes the end of the world not seem so bad after all.