Out With The Old, In With The OLDER!

Is COVID-19 affecting the fashion world, too?


Neida Delcid, Writer-East

What goes around must come back around!

Since quarantining, it seems as if people have had time to explore things that they are actually into–from foods to TV shows to even fashion. Fashion is such a big part of everyday life. People can find inspiration on Pinterest, TikTok, and Instagram. Inspiration doesn’t always have to come from apps, though. It can come from past fashion trends: the 70’s bell bottoms, 2000’s tracksuits, the list is endless. It’s awesome seeing things make a comeback!

It’s very common for teens to go through their parents’ closets to search for some new items to them to add  to their wardrobe. It wouldn’t be surprising to walk down the street and see some clothing items that are considered “old.” The 90’s straight leg jeans are very popular at the moment. The top fits like skinny jeans, but the bottom is more loose on the leg.They can be paired with just about anything and look great with mostly any type of shoe. It’s almost as if skinny jeans are going out of style! 

“My favorite thing that has made a comeback is probably vintage windbreakers and high-waisted flare pants,” says Lily Ganzack, a freshman at Elkhart-East.” She continues, “Especially this year with COVID-19, people are exploring and bringing back old fashion trends and styles.” Reflecting for a moment, she concludes with this thought: “Definitely a fan of all of this coming back! I think it’s so fun that people are pushing boundaries and exploring different pieces of clothing.” 

Fashion from the past doesn’t stay gone or forgotten. It always has a place in someone’s closet. Sometimes these trends pop out of nowhere, but never stay for too long. Take, for example, overalls. They were in for a short comeback in 2017 but died down as people found other trends to be interested in. 

“Some of my favorite items that are coming back are definitely the baby tees and baggy pants combo,” admits Emma Howell, a senior at Elkhart-East. “I think they’re becoming popular again because we like to feel nostalgic, and these types of clothes look good on anyone.” So, which are her favorite? “I really love any fashion from the 70s-90s.”

Needless to say, no matter what people may find fashionable currently, the classic trends will always make they’re way back.