Shedding Light On Wintertime Blues

Happy Lamp brings sunshine and joy during winter months


Mary Grace Lindholm, Writer-East

One topic that needs more light shed on it is the wintertime blues.

Although some people enjoy winter…and the snow…and cold days that come with it…everyone can agree that the gloomy lack of sunshine can get them down at times. In fact, by February–when the sun is furthest from the earth–life can seem downright depressing. 

No matter what season is a person’s favorite, It’s just a fact that the lack of sun in the winter can lessen a good mood. “Even though I am a winter fan, the dreary weather and early darkness mixed with online school is not helping my work ethic,” admits Josie Mccormick, a sophomore at Elkhart-East. 

Being exposed to sunlight has all kinds of benefits. One such benefit includes boosting serotonin levels, which makes a person happier, calmer, and more focused. 

Luckily, there is a product gaining popularity dubbed a “happy lamp”– in other words, sunshine in a box. This seemingly simple little lamp emits bright light that safely mimics sunshine, without the harmful, UV rays. 

These lamps act as sunshine, providing a person with serotonin and a good mood. It also positively impacts the body’s ability to create more melatonin, which helps a person sleep more restfully. The happy lamp is a perfect mood booster to add to this year’s Christmas list. It’s sure to bring a little more holiday cheer!