A Time To Give Thanks

Whether gathering in person or online, Thanksgiving is all about sharing time with others.


Jennifer Quintano, Writer-East

Stop, drop, and pass the rolls! It’s Thanksgiving season, and it’s time to have a get-together to spend time with family and friends.

This year, however, might not be the same as the years before. Maybe no one’s going to be able to fly elsewhere or have family fly in, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be boring. Finding safe but entertaining ideas for this holiday is key to making sure that everyone will have a blast–whether it’s in person or virtually. 

An in-person type of activity may mean keeping gatherings small (making sure everyone is COVID free, of course)–having a Friendsgiving dinner with a bunch of activities. Dress casually to create a relaxing environment, or maybe even put on something fancy to dress it up. Friends can come with food and drinks to bring to the table. Also, having a festive set up with balloons, nice table cloths, silverware, tables, cups, and  centerpieces will help set the mood. Depending upon the attire, some activities one might consider include playing football, playing a board game like Jenga, watching movies, or just chatting.

Virtually, FaceTiming friends is now the new normal and isa good way to connect with others while still remaining very safe. A virtual way to celebrate is to have a festive dinner with friends and family over Google Meet or Zoom. The host can share the screen and play a bunch of online games–or do Netflix party and watch a film.

Odette Ruvalcaba, a senior at Elkhart-East, has shared what she did last year for Thanksgiving and what her plan is for this year. “What we usually do on Thanksgiving is help my mom cook and then eat as a family,” she begins. “We stay in all day and watch movies and usually snack on some snacks late at night.” Now with COVID, there might not be as many outside family members gathering, but instead celebrating with the family who live with them. She predicts that this year maynot change a lot; they will still have a feast and watch movies and stay in.

After all, this Thanksgiving Holiday is about coming together and sharing a nice meal–even if that means just with the ones at home, being on FaceTime with friends or family, or  having a small get together. And, that is reason enough for all to give thanks.