Seeing Green On Black Friday

Shoppers have been taking advantage of huge savings prior to Black Friday.


Taylor Malicki, Writer-East

Challenges always present an opportunity for innovation. This been witnessed over and over again recently, especially during times like these.  But, how will this “black plague” of a pandemic impact the innovations needed for Black Friday?

Black Friday officially starts on Nov. 27, but this year, the deals have not been limited to just that day. Hundreds of stores have been releasing huge savings opportunities prior to Black Friday in order to provide month-long deals while also reducing the crowds.

However, what caught most by surprise are the number of stores closing their doors on Thanksgiving Day. Is this a smart move, or will it  actually cause more traffic on Black Friday? As a result, curbside pickup, and delivery might be the only options for Black Friday shoppers until further notice.

This may prove to be a chaotic time for the ones who look forward to this every year. “I would always love going out on Thanksgiving night after dinner to get the early deals,”states Faith Mwalwanda 11, an Elkhart-East student. “It’s very disappointing to me that stores are now being closed early on Thanksgiving.” Many people share her feelings.

But, on the other hand, this is what online shopping is for! “My family and I never really went out on Black Friday,” shares Elkhart-East junior  Carleigh Stump. “We’ve always shopped online for Cyber Monday.” She goes on to defend the each store’s decision: “During the pandemic, it’s very smart that stores are
now taking precautions–and making it safer.”

While all retailers are hoping that their strategies will be profitable this year, it will be interesting to see just how much “green” consumers will actually spend on Black Friday.