Cubiletes: a New Family-owned Mexican Eatery


Daniela Morales, Editor-in-Chief

As early as October 10th of this year, Elkhart gained a restaurant respectively called Cubilete’s Mexican Bar and Grill, located at CobbleStone Plaza on Bristol street. 

With a short amount of time being opened, Cubiletes has made quite the impression around town with its authentic Mexican food and Cubilete Margaritas. 

A customer, Maddie Fendrick, expressed just how much she loved the restaurant, “The food was absolutely delicious and the service was amazing. Definitely try it out if you get a chance.” 

However, Cubiletes doesn’t just attract because of their food, but also because it is a family owned establishment. The owner, Doris Perdomo Vasquez, who is from Central America, wanted to bring everyone from different backgrounds together through her food. 

“I want people to feel like they are entering a little part of Mexico, to feel that candor and joy within our beautiful culture,” Doris explains. 

As soon as one steps through the door you are greeted with beautiful decor, such as a mural of Frida and one of the Chicago skyline, as well as the sound of Mariachi music. 

However, within all the beauty, Cubilete’s went through some struggle to get to where the restaurant is at right now. Adding a pandemic in the mix was certainly not a part of Doris’s plan. 

Even then Cubilete’s ensures the safety of its customers and employees “Everyone’s health and well being is one of our top priorities, that’s why we are maintaining a six feet distance for indoor dining.”

Besides all the turmoil, Doris pulled through with the help of many others and was able to make sure that everyone in Elkhart could enjoy authentic Mexican food.

“Everyone is welcomed! Our value is to respect the staff and customers and offer good quality food made from scratch,” Doris said. 

Cubiletes Restaurant is opened Tuesdays through Sunday between 11AM-9PM for limited dine-in service and take-out.

Call Cubilete’s at  (574) 333-2040 for more information or to place an order!