Hybrid School Days

Angel Moore shares her experiences as a hybrid student at Elkhart High School West


Angel Moore

The crowdless student center during passing period at Elkhart HS West Campus.

Angel Moore, Staff Writer

One of the biggest impacts of COVID-19 has been on the schools.  In  order to minimize the contact of the virus, our school has given students  the option of online or virtual classes. Many people ask about how the virtual students are doing. However, the equally important question is: how are hybrid students doing in school in the midst of this pandemic? 

Being at school as a hybrid student has been really different than what I expected. The halls seem empty as nobody stands around, socializing with their friend’s anymore. Students  go straight to their classes. There are days where I see people walking by themselves and they have their heads down looking at the floor. There’s no arguing or fighting in the halls either. It is very quiet, and definitely not the same as it was just last year..

 Even if school is not the same anymore, some students love the freedom that hybrid gives them. “It’s definitely different, and difficult in many ways. But honestly I like it,” senior Brock Weston expresses. “ Being able to worry about being in school two days a week and then worry about the homework for those classes the other three days is nice. I don’t really have to worry about going home at 3 o’clock and doing more school. I can sort of just focus on me after that. Also, only focusing on 4 classes instead of 8 is nice,” 

Classes aren’t the only things that have changed. For example  lunch at the school has abruptly been modified. Meals are simpler, and they don’t have chips or a salad bar anymore as an option. It’s different now and it’s not what we expected.

When you walk into the cafeteria, you expect it to be how every lunchroom would be: loud, crazy, people walking around and standing up at tables. Now, however, it looks depressing. You can’t even sit with your friend’s anymore. You have to sit two at a table. And you can’t just walk up to the lunch line like we all used to. You need to sit down and wait until they call your table to get your food.  

It is much more different now than it used to be, but I know in my heart that we will get through this.  

All we need is a little hope and courage.