The Long And Short Of It

Tall or short–the grass always seems greener on the other side.


Adyan Al-Shamri, Writer-East

Is it true that bigger is better? 

In everyone’s lifetime, they most likely–more than once–found themselves having the debate of height. Still a very controversial topic, people wish that they are taller or shorter than what they actually are. However, each height has its advantage…while also having its common disadvantages. In truth, height is nothing more than just how long a person’s body is, but most people have found themselves using it as the measure of their day-to-day conversations.

“The grass always looks greener on the other side” would be the best way to describe this debate. Elkhart-East freshman Olivia Mane seems to be one of those “tall people” who wishes she were shorter. “I have always wished I was about two inches shorter. It would be easier for me to pass in volleyball,” she admits. “In our society, it seems to have a double standard between men and women with height,” she adds. “Men tend to have the standard for being tall, while women have the standard of being these petite women.” Of course, there is also the gender debate of height–especially for women–of what is the perfect height. Is it better for a woman to be taller than the man she is dating? Should a tall woman wear high-heeled shoes? On the other hand, when it comes to men debating this, most will say the taller the better for their gender.

Every height has its unique properties that the other height doesn’t have, making it sometimes desirable to the other. Shorter people don’t have to duck through doorways or under tree branches. However, they cannot reach the top shelf in just about any cupboard. One very interesting advantage these groups of people have is the power to weasel through a big crowd. All they need to do is shimmy through the cracks of the people, and they will find themselves in the front in no time.This is an ability that a tall person could only dream of. However, tall people seem to also have certain advantages in life that they don’t seem to think about very often. Their aerial view of the world helps them to see the forest through the trees in almost any situation!

Certain jobs, too, are more reliant upon height requirements. The ideal height for models seems to be going the taller route most often. For a woman, the ideal height is 5’ 8” and up, and men being 5’ 11” and up. So, if someone ever has aspirations of being a model, make sure to take height into consideration. But, if a person wants to be a horse jockey or a gymnast, then being under 5′ is to one’s advantage.

Not everyone, though, seems to hate his or her height. Many, like Elkhart-East senior Sarah Al-Shamri, are happy with their very much average height. “I never really cared about or felt insecure about my height, being 5’ 5”,” she states. “I feel I’m in the middle, so I never cared about it like how a taller or shorter person would.”

Every height–from short to tall–has its advantages. And, all seem to have been praised…by the other person. The grass truly is greener on the other side.