House Plants “Grow” Healthy People

The greens that improve one’s health without even knowing it!


Neida Delcid, Writer-East

Ever noticed that in a home with plants people tend to feel better and more relaxed? Even if one has not, it’s true!

Houseplants can make people feel like the best version of themselves–or even better, benefit their health. Science has proven that houseplants can improve mood, lower stress, boost healing/pain tolerance, and so much more. 

Plants can absorb toxic substances like benzene or trichloroethylene (trai-law-row-eh-thu-lene). These chemicals come from objects that may have a spot at home. Houseplants can even reduce dust, providing greater quality of air, which can really help people with respiratory issues. This greenery can also increase oxygen levels during photosynthesis,which–believe it or not–can help with dry skin.

People also tend to be more relaxed around plants. “I don’t have any houseplants,” admits Theresa Rand, a sophomore at Elkhart-East. “But, when I am around them, I do feel more relaxed.” After reflecting on it for a moment, Rand concludes, “This is probably because of the color. Green seems like a very calm color to me.” On a final note, she adds, “My favorite plants are ferns or any that look really cool.”

NASA suggests that there are 15-18 plants for every 1,800 square foot of a house. Even a small amount of plants can make an impact. Here are some plants that are recommended: Weeping Fig and Variegated Snake Plant, along with more awesome plants that a plant lover can find here.

“My favorite plant would have to be a Peace Lily or Christmas Cactuses,” shares fellow sophomore Savannah Tully of Elkhart-East. “We have a few, actually.” So, what is the appeal of plants for Tully? “I have a calm presence when plants are around,” she confides. “I feel like they’re sort of comforting and a space filler,and it makes the space seem peaceful. I think that plants make you feel relaxed because of the color and wild postures.” Continuing on, she says, “all plants are different, but green is definitely a soothing color!”

          Not only are plants beautiful, but they can be so much fun to take care of. While watering houseplants, it is important to take one’s time, relax, and focus on what one is doing. Maybe even put on some music and just have fun with it! It can be good quality time and benefit not just the person but the plants, as well.