Legacy Auction: Purchasing A Piece Of The Past

Tonight’s Legacy Auction sells off the past to raise funds for Elkhart High School’s future.


Mary Grace Lindholm, Writer-East

It’s hard to let go of the past. Sometimes, however, there is a way to at least hold on to a piece of it.

Tonight’s Legacy Auction, which will be aired live at 7 p.m. on WHME’s channel 46, will feature a host of “athletic legends” who want to ensure that Elkhart’s past mascots find good homes.

Both current students and alumni from Central and Memorial have struggled saying goodbye to their old mascots–Mr. B and the Charger horse–but what happens to all of the old signs, statues, and merchandise with them on it?

Elkhart Education Foundation and Elkhart Athletic Department have come up with a solution: Allow the community to purchase their past while also supporting their future. “By selling memorabilia, it allows the community to feel even more connected to the new Elkhart High School while still being able to keep good memories from the past,” Adley Keim says, a sophomore at Elkhart-East.

The recent merge of the schools and sports has brought a lot of new opportunities to the table, but with that, the old mascots and rivalry are lost. For alumni of the old schools, they can purchase memorable keepsakes so they can retain the memories of their high school years with them even after the old mascots are retired.

The Legacy Auction not only allows people to have their beloved mascot with them, it also raises money for the schools. “The money will go to the purchase of athletic uniforms,” Coach Buck informs. Coordinators are hoping that the community will put their money where their mascot is!

Thus, tune in this evening to find that special item that reminds all that “Once a Blazer/Charger, Always a Blazer/Charger.”