Personal Playlists: Everyone Has A “Secret Song”


Jonathan Nunley, Writer-East

What is it? Dancing Queen by Abba? Baha Men’s Who Let the Dogs Out?

Admit it. Everybody has a secret song hidden deep in his or her playlist!

In all likelihood, somewhere in there, there’s a song that is “bad.” There’s tons of songs by rap artists like G Herbo, A Boogie wit da Hoodie, NBA YoungBoy, Sada Baby, etc. that are actually quite relatable but whose lyrics could get a person in trouble with Mom or Dad! A song like WAP by Nikki might be among them! Or, maybe it’s Mood Swings by Pop Smoke.

Dakota Holt, an Elkhart-West student, chimes in: “I have some bad songs and sad songs that no one has found out about yet, but let’s hope they don’t, cause then I’d be nervous–like freak out.”

But, not all “secret songs” have questionable lyrics. Some people may also be hiding a country song about their big, green tractor. The only thing dirty in these songs comes straight fields and dirt roads they sing about. No matter what the genre, though, people like to listen to music because it takes stressful thoughts away or takes them to an emotional place: Too Sad to Cry by Shosha Sloan, for instance. Shaina Roberts, also from Elkhart-West, can relate. “I feel sad about them and don’t feel good–like I get overwhelmed and start to panic.” People have songs like that to help them get through grief or pain, so they can move on without bringing the horrible string of pain with them.”

No matter what the title, these are the songs on their playlists that they don’t want anybody to find out about. What if someone did? Would the whole school find out? Would someone go crazy, yelling and screaming to “get the darn song out of your playlist!”?

Music is very powerful; it’s personal. It can pump a person up, bring them down–or even calm them down. The secret is knowing which songs can do that. Even more secret is the title of that song, which remains hidden deep inside each person’s playlist.