Voters Win Out In Election

Record numbers cast their votes, making them the winners in this year’s election


Amanya Gonzales, Editor-in-Chief

And the winner is…the voter.

This week’s election has sparked a lot of attention both in the country itself and around the world. Throughout the entire election, emotions have run high and people are advocating for their beliefs. More and more people are voting, voicing their opinions this election. But, the fight does not seem to be dying down anytime soon. However heated this election may be considered, it has caused millions to engage and become new voters. 

Many of these first-time voters are set in their ways and believe that their voices must be heard. Among them are newly legalized citizens and those who turned eighteen in time for the election. These young Americans are beginning to show themselves at the polls and are involving themselves in the future of America. Elkhart-East’s Naieem Bean,12, believes that “this election is so much more important than all the others, as it is a fight for basic rights.” In recent history, voting has never been talked about as much as it is today. With this being said, many Americans are finally taking action, informing themselves and making their vote count.

These young voters find that, for them, this election is personal and determines which direction America will go. Bean stresses that, for him, voting was “a historic thing.” For each, that reason to vote may vary. “I voted for a personal reason,” Bean confides.

Whether one is a conservative or a liberal is besides the point; the amount of new voters is by far the most astounding aspect of this election, and the resilience of these Americans can be seen by far and wide.

America is a country where the people rule, and finally the people are stepping up to the plate. So, whether Trump or Biden takes the election, countless Americans made history that will continue to impact America’s future for years to come.