Managing Your Time During E-Learning

Some helpful tips that can keep you motivated and less stressed with your E-Learning during Elkhart High School’s Hybrid schedule

Jacob Steed, Staff Writer

Ever since E-Learning started I have had to be more careful about accidentally slacking off and I know many people are the same. You say you will do it later then its due and you have to rush to get it done or turn it in late, regretting what you said to yourself days earlier. Well here are some of my top solutions and suggestions I have learned over my first nine weeks of E-Learning…

Suggestion #1: Break it up

If it feels like it’s too big for you to complete in one sitting, break it up into multiple pieces. This one is often used even in regular school situations but it definitely helps during E-Learning. If you do this for anything that’s not a 20 minute or less assignment, it helps you get motivated easier because you know you will get a break, with this sometimes I do more work telling myself “Just one more problem and I will be done” and I do almost the whole thing! This suggestion is also for those of you who have a busy schedule and only have small little bits of time here and there you can use those to your advantage and get your work done. If this suggestion doesn’t work for you, try the opposite! Try doing a lot of your work in one sitting and see if you can handle it, everyone is different and I want as many people as possible reading this to get some productive tips.

Suggestion #2: Wake up early

Wake up early and find ways to keep yourself awake. Have you ever just lost motivation as you got further into the day? Wishing to do anything but schoolwork? This suggestion is right up your alley then my friend. I found that when I am up early and I have stopped myself from going back to sleep, about a half hour before my first class starts, I can get into a productive mindset and do most of my work during class times instead of being half asleep. A good way I found to keep myself awake is to set about 10-15 alarms within an hour, it drives me crazy but keeps me awake. Another thing to keep in mind is that this helps you with quizzes and tests during classes, especially the early ones. However, any work designed to be done outside of class should be done either early, when you wake up, or after all of your classes have finished. Unless of course you are super fast and can do all your work in the class period.

Suggestion #3: Time slots

Make specific time slots for specific classes that need work done outside of the class time. If you do this consistently it becomes a habit and after a month or so it starts to be very concrete as a habit and helps you stay on track. Sometimes missing the time is okay but try your best to keep with it, like any good habit it starts off hard but gets easier as time progresses. It’s very important to plan these around things in your schedule so you don’t interfere with anything and so you can devote all of your thinking towards the work to get it done as fast as possible.

Now that we have all of these tools in our arsenal lets talk about putting them to good use. Let’s say you have a big assignment due a week from now, you can use all three of these suggestions to make it easier on yourself. If you split up the work across the week, let’s say 30 minutes a day, and you are doing this for the 30 minutes each morning to keep yourself awake, which also covers Suggestion #3, then you have, by the end of the week, successfully completed the project and can turn it in on time with less struggle than doing it all in on or two nights.

I hope you take some of these suggestions to mind if you have any trouble during this time of E-Learning, I know it’s strange, challenging, and frustrating sometimes but we can all get through it if we put our minds to it. Thank you for reading, peace.