Sophomores “Uproar” Over Mascot?


Ashley Rojas, Writer



It’s “Senior Year” of high school and everything needs to be perfect—right down to the school’s colors and mascot. That’s why the decision for the Elkhart High School Lions is so important to this year’s sophomores.

Although the schools will merge in name for next year’s senior, it is the Class of 2022 who will come together under as a Pride of Lions in the same den. Therefore, students from this class in particular have been eager to voice their opinions on what our mascot, logo, and colors should feature. Listed below are several comments generated through a survey on the topic:

  • “Definitely include the mascot with a catchphrase.” Adriana Peralez, 10
  • “We need a lion face in the middle with ‘Elkhart’ somewhere—and claw marks!” Michelle Dixon, 10
  • “Have a lion in the middle.” Julieta Sanchez, 10
  • “Have a big ‘E’ for Elkhart in the middle,” Amber Espinoza, 10
  • “It needs to be royal blue with a golden ‘E’, a lion in the back, and claw marks.” Karli Reveal, Rayshawnda Thorne, Lilliana Villagomez, all 10
  • “Blue and Black…with a lion somewhere on the jersey.” Kevin Cuatepotzo Perez, 10

As for its other features, Elkhart Community Schools conducted a survey this year to determine just what personality the not-so-mangy lion will take. The accompanying graph sent out this month reveals those results.