Finding the Right “Fit” in Fitness

PiYo Offers Best of Both Worlds


Jamisen Halverson, Writer

Finding the right form of exercise can be workout all by itself. Strength? Endurance? Flexibility? Crossfit? Face it: I’s hard to find just the right “fit” in fitness.

However, Mrs. Jill Halloran-Barnes believes she has done just that. For the past several years, Mrs. H-B puts her calculators aside and rolls out the mats in her classroom to share her enthusiasm for PiYo with numerous co-workers after school.

PiYo—a combination of Pilates and yoga—is a complete form of exercise. “It works your flexibility, balance, and strength all in one in a low-impact way,” H-B explains. “There’s no jumping, so it’s easier on your body,” she adds. But, don’t expect to be standing still for very long. Planks, lunges, and squats of Pilates build strength, but the stretches and poses of yoga—such as the Warrior pose or the Sun Salutation—develop flexibility. “The workout not only improves all these things, but it can help you feel better because of the stretching,” H-B clarifies. What makes PiYo unique, however, is the upbeat way in which it is presented. “It is a choreographed class set to music,” H-B notes, “which makes it easier to follow from week to week.”

Traditionally, a PiYo class is set for an eight-week session. However, H-B stresses that participants should just go at their own pace and attend when they can. Any exercise, she insists, is better than none. Moreover, she is also equally certain that once a person tries PiYo, he or she will be hooked on its high-intensity, low-impact methods set to energetic music. “That’s one of the reasons I like it,” she states. “I’m not sure if that’s why it’s so popular,” but it is surely selling point.

Regardless of its trendy status, choosing PiYo as the preferred form of exercise is not a hard decision. In fact, it may be the easiest decision one could make—no sweat.