15 Minutes of Fame: Shawndi Snider

Choir student, freshman Shawndi Snider, talks music with GENESIS.


Mayra Lopez

Freshman Savanna Davis, Shawndi Snider, and Kaitlyn Siddons rehearse for the Wintersong concert on Thursday, Dec. 13. Snider was chosen as our featured student for the week of Feb. 11.

Lyn Jarrell, Staff Writer

Choir student, freshman Shawndi Snider, talks music with GENESIS.

GENESIS: Describe the role music plays in your life.

SHAWNDI SNIDER: “This is going to sound cliche’ but it’s honestly an escape for me. When I don’t want to think, I’ll put music in, and forget about it.”

G: How does music inspire you?

SS: “Well, I love to sing. It gives you an open, less sentimental value at the same time.”

G: I’m curious about what you favorite band is.

“I have many, but at the moment, it’s Falling In Reverse.”

G: What is your favorite music genre and why?

SS: “I have to say rock and Country because there is meaning behind it.”

G: What is your favorite song?

SS: “I think ‘Making Mistakes’ is a good one.”

G: How is music important to you?

SS: “It’s a story. Like, you don’t just pay attention to it. You understand it.”

G: Tell me about your proudest or most memorable moment from choir.

SS: “When I did something sort of like an ensemble.”

G: What influenced you into being in choir?

SS: “My brother actually. One time I was listening to music, but I didn’t know the words to the entire song, so I was humming along to it instead. And he yelled at me, saying, “you’re not even singing.” So from then on, I memorized every song I listened to so that I was able to actually sing it. Which is what I do in choir.”

G: Tell me about your plans for after high school.

SS: “I plan to graduate and go to college for a degree in psychology.”