Body Issues: Girls aren’t the only ones who feel the pressure


Christian Ayers, Staff writer

It is all too common for girls and women, in general, to face intense pressure in American society to fit a certain physical standard. But what about the guys? Do they feel the same pressure to have the “perfect body” to have the razor-sharp jaw and chiseled six-pack?

Well, I would say yes. Personally, I feel it every day, scrolling through Twitter and Instagram. It’s hard to ignore people who are more fit than me.

It often leaves us thinking: “I wish I could look like that.” What are we as a society trying to say to our kids? That a person is only wanted or desired if they have abs and large biceps?

Sure those are nice to have, but it is unrealistic for everyone to obtain those goals. I think we should promote a healthy lifestyle instead of making goals that are impossible to reach the social norm.

Christian Ayers
Junior Caleb Webb measures his waist on Monday, Jan. 28. It isn’t uncommon for guys to compare themselves to others which then leads to unrealistic expectations for their own body image.

So what if you are scrawny, or a little bit bigger? The thing that matters most is that you feel comfortable and that you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Why should you care what other people look like?

In a study published in the journal Pediatrics, more than 40 percent of boys in middle school and high school said they regularly exercised with the goal of increasing muscle mass. Thirty-eight percent said they used protein supplements, and nearly six percent said they had experimented with steroids.

Some boys are resorting to steroids which can be fatal, to obtain their goals quicker. This just accentuates the argument I am addressing: how much pressure are these guys facing to want to resort to steroids which could and probably will harm them? It could be your brother, cousin, son, boyfriend, or even husband, every single male is affected by it even if they don’t say they are.

So let us as a society try to reform our thoughts on guys just as we have been trying to do with women. Let us promote a healthy lifestyle, exercise without the use of steroids, enjoy healthy foods, and try to refrain from pop and other unhealthy drinks and food. Let us build a healthy and sustainable life.

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