SurPRIZE Winner’s List

You, too, could be a survey winner!

SurPRIZE (Survey Prize) Winner’s List:

  1. Makaylah Rosebrugh, 9–Pizza Hut large pizza (September 2019)
  2. Jasmine Rodriguez, 9, and Hunter Holdren, 12–Manchester University T-shirts (October 2019)
  3. Layna Pletcher, 11–Culver’s ice cream (November 2019)
  4. Jenna Krieg, 11–Starbuck’s gift card (December 2019)
  5. Anthony Rousseau-Stille, 10–Rise ‘n Roll (January 2020)
  6. Rodney McGraw, 11–Kentucky Fried Chicken (February 2020)