World Without End?

Time May Be Running Out

World Without End?

Bianca Morales, Writer

“And then there came a day when Earth laying dying, for planets also die.”—L. Ron Hubbard, the opening line of When Shadows Fall.

Planet Earth: our home. Earth is the only planet in the universe known to have life. Without Earth, there wouldn’t be life—and without life, you wouldn’t be here. Planet Earth is slowing dying. But, what are majority of us doing? Nothing.

Threats of global warming and climate change continue to be the scientific culprits behind environmental disasters. Climate change is thought to be created by increases of volume of gases by the burning of fossil fuels, land clearing, and other human activities. For that reason, temperatures could increase between 34 and 42 Fahrenheit by the year 2100. This can cause more storms, environmental disasters, and a rise in sea levels.

On Aug. 18, people gathered to mourn the first glacier lost to climate change, located in the west of Iceland. The ice there was not believed to melt until 2070, making its disappearance 50 years ahead of schedule. The country of Iceland is now preparing for how it will fend for itself when all of the ice is gone. As a result of the warming planet, birds are laying their eggs earlier as the temperature changes. And, numerous of extinctions are reportedly on the horizon.

Maybe scientists have it all wrong these environment changes should be attributed to something else. But, what if they aren’t wrong? What if time is running out for Earth? You can choose the wait-and-see philosophy. Or, you can do something about it on the off-chance that scientists are correct.

Despite the fact that we don’t know the exact date of the ending of Earth, the universe that we all know today will soon be over. Are we prepared for what tomorrow may bring?