Musician of the Week: Andy Holloman


Dana Ibarra

Lacy Witmer and Andy Holloman play the roles of Lorraine and Dean in the 2018-2019 Elkhart Memorial Spring Musical “All Shook Up.”

Dana Ibarra, Photographer

Musician of the week, choir member, junior Andy Holloman, shares how discovering his love for singing and encouragement from his friends changed his life.

GENESIS: It’s clear that music has made a big impact on your life. Can you tell me what sparked it?

ANDY HOLLOMAN: Music has been a huge impact on my life!  It started when I was younger. I either had nothing to do or my parents would get into arguments.  I would use music to help pass the time or to distract me.

G: Choir can be time consuming. What inspired you to keep on going? 

AH: I’d have to say it was my parents.  I wanted to drop out because I felt like there wasn’t anything left for me in music since I had been doing the same things over and over.  I finally decided to stay, realizing that my friends and my passion were both important to me.

G: Due to Covid-19, your junior year of choir got cut short. Tell me how that has impacted you? 

AH: It has made me very sad.  I miss being able to interact with my friends and experience making the full sound a choir can make.

G: What is the group environment like? How do you encourage each other before performing? 

AH: The environment is very dynamic and energetic!  We are always booming to strive to do better, plus we always hype each other up when we are feeling down.

G: Is there anyone that has inspired you?

AH: My friends inspired me to pursue music.  They were always interested in it, so I followed.  Little did I know, I was really good at performing and that it would change my life!

The Madrigals and chamber choirs pose for a picture during the fifth grade showcase in December 2019. Dana Ibarra

G: After almost two months of being out of school, what do you miss the most about choir? 

AH: I miss being able to be with my friends.  It is the hardest thing because I never got to say my proper goodbye since most of them are leaving for college.

G: After the many hard working years of choir, is there a memorable moment that you’d like to share?

AH: It’s always thrilling to know you are doing better than you imagined.  When I auditioned for my first official high school musical, I expected to get ensemble.  Instead, I was one of the major roles!  It’s always a nice feeling when something like that happens.

G: Next year is your final year. What are some goals that you want to accomplish?

AH: I want to accomplish the goal of being a role model.  I would like others to look up to me as a senior and I want to continue to pursue music.

G: What are your plans after high school? What college are you looking at?

AH: I am planning on going to college, and yes, I am going to join a choir and do musical theatre while in college.  I plan on attending the main campus of IU down in Bloomington, IN.  It is my dream to pursuing counseling psychology!