College GO! Week Keeps on GOING!

College GO! Week Keeps on GOING!

Jamisen Halverson, Writer

The morning P.A. comes on. It’s Mr. Werbiansky: “How do you get to California without using your phone or map?”The student who could navigate through this question to the correct answer received a prize as part of College GO! Week—Sept. 23-27.

College GO! Week is intended to give all students, grade 912, the opportunity to explore a variety of colleges—especially those in Indiana. Some representatives come in and talked to students to promote their schools. Interested students sit and listen to see what this particular school has to offer them. “I think it’s a great program to help lower income kids in the school,” notes Senior Payton Corp. While most are interested in scholarship information, others want to know more about specific degrees a school offers.

   “The point of this whole thing,” shares Mrs. Flagg, chairperson for the Guidance Department, “is that this is pushed by the state to hopefully push students to see the opportunities of college.” However, there were a few perks that could only be taken advantage of during College Go! Week itself. “Free applications helped me apply for the college I wanted to go to,” shares Clayton Corvin, 12. Others agreed. Caiden Perrin adds, “The free applications are very useful—nothing better than saving money! This will help a lot of students.”

Mrs. Flagg suggests that—even after College GO! Week is over—students go to Learn More Indiana ( to continue researching information on a variety of colleges and universities throughout the state. It’s a site that will help “plan your career, prepare for college, and map out the cost.”

Attending college is definitely an adventure, but a costly one. Putting it into perspective, Nathan Ponce, 12, closes with this: “College is very expensive and most people can’t afford it, so College GO! Week was a great experience helping get into a college.”