Destined for Greatness

Rodney McGraw Scores Big with College Football Programs


Amanya Gonzales, Writer

Pain is temporary—pride is forever.

Football is a renowned sport; one known for its brutality and the commitment it requires. To say it is one of America’s—If not America’s most—viewed sport would not be an exaggeration. Rodney McGraw, only a junior in high school, is already getting attention of many college football teams. With offers from Purdue to Boston College, McGraw is making his mark in high school football.

Many Elkhart residents are astounded and amazed at the attention this young man is sparking up. Before high school, McGraw had never played football. But, by his sophomore year, he was bumped up to Varsity. McGraw himself remembered the reason he joined the team was because of Vinnie Ambrose. “My freshman year, I told Vinnie I wasn’t joining the team,” he recalls. “Vinnie said, ‘Nah that ain’t happening.’ But, he made me come out to tryouts, and I did it. The coaches liked me, I guess, so they put me on the team,” he adds. “By my sophomore year, they decided I was good enough for Varsity.”

McGraw is attracting the attention of countless colleges, but remains uncommitted. He’s been able to visit colleges from Norte Dame to Michigan but maintains this:  “They’re all the same to me.” He eventually would like to attend Alabama to play for the Crimson Tide.

So, what are McGraw’s goals beyond football?  “Eventually, I would like to join the league or start a career in business.” With the raw talent McGraw emits coupled with his hard work ethic, it is not hard to see his dream come true. In five years, McGraw sees himself playing in the Pros. When McGraw is on the field he feels “ Normal,” but when he wins a game, he feels, “hype and excitement.”  He doesn’t have just one aspect he likes about football, and he feels all aspects of the sport are equally important.

Rodney McGraw isn’t just a star on the field; he is a star outside, as well. Many of McGraw’s teammates insist that he is a hard worker on and off the field. His optimistic attitude and sense of humor affect the team in positive ways. Ian Gardner, 10, notes that “Rodney makes practice so much better. He’s funny and brings a positive attitude to the team. He takes practice very seriously but keeps us motivated.”

This young man is destined for greatness. In the coming years, it isn’t hard to see him accomplish whatever his heart’s desire is. The optimism and work ethic he displays shows that he is no stranger to giving it his all. In short, the world better watch out for Rodney McGraw!