Artist of the week: Jackie Villasenor


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Jackie Villasenor is a sophomore with a passion for makeup. She is our GENESIS artist of the week.

Jose McDaniel, Staff writer

Jackie Villasenor is a sophomore with a passion for makeup. Read more to see what she plans on doing with that passion.

GENESIS: Would you consider makeup a form of art?

JACKIE VILLASENOR: Makeup is an art, there’s so much that comes with it. You can be creative, you can make yourself look pretty, or you can put Ariana Grande’s 7 rings cover on your face. People think you or someone else wears makeup because you’re insecure about your looks, but why’d it have to come to that? 

G: Why are you choosing to pursue makeup?

JV: I do makeup for the art, for my passion. 

G: Are you trying to get exposure for your makeup anyway?

JV: Sometime in the future I’d love to have my own makeup brand or at least my own salon.  I’ve been doing makeup since I was five.

G: I saw that you are offering to do makeup for prom, have you gotten any takers?

JV: For prom, I did offer to do the ladies’ or even guys makeup! I’ve gotten A LOT of people texting me asking me if I can do theirs and telling me what they want. I’ve had at least 10 different people message me about it.  

G: What are your goals for the next few years?

JV:  And for my goals maybe for the next few years? Is to graduate high school with my cosmetology license, go to college and graduate with my business degree, use the money I’ve gathered from doing cosmetology and put that towards opening up my salon. After high school, I’m hoping to have everything set. I’m on a really good path. It’s taken a lot to get here, but I’m super thankful I did. This just goes to show you can put your mind to anything and achieve it.