How Memorial is taking COVID-19 precautions


Daniela Morales

The Media Center is taking precautions against the spread of COVID-19 by handing out sanitation wipes with the community Chromebooks. 

Daniela Morales, Staff Writer

It’s all over the news, every corner we turn we, hear people talking about it and for some odd reason, it feels all too apocalyptic. With Covid-19 spreading as fast, people don’t know how to feel control over the situation. 

However, students should know that Elkhart Memorial is taking this situation seriously. From not using community passes to wiping down every single desk, one can be assured that Memorial is not messing around. 

At first the situation wasn’t this bad, but as of March 12, 2020 at 9:44 a.m. there are 10 cases of Covid-19 in Indiana. It might not seem like a huge number, but when the number of people they came in contact with before they started showing symptoms is taken into consideration, it becomes clear that this is a serious health problem. 

A health problem that Memorial is making sure to keep us safe from.

Daniela Morales
Teachers such as Kasey Lutrell are taking precautions by using recyclable restroom passes in place of the traditional community passes.

Specifically, the Media Center is taking no chances. The community Chromebooks, which practically everyone touches, now come with a cleansing wipe. So if you happen to check out a Chromebook, a sanitizing wipe will be given to you so you can wipe it down. 

Besides this, Memorial has officially stopped using community passes. You know, the yellow and red passes that EVERYONE touches before AND after you go to the restroom. These passes are officially invalid. So from now on, paper passes have to be given out. 

Hand washing has been encouraged immensely here. So now more than ever, students are using hand sanitizer every twenty seconds, and students in the restroom are now actually taking more than a few seconds to wash their hands. 

Perhaps the most important one, everyone is reminding one another TO STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE.

“I think the kids should have been told to do these things before just so that they don’t get regularly sick,” Media Specialist Colleen Shook said. “So what we are doing is providing the wipes for the community devices and encouraging kids to use the sinks that we have to wash their hands, letting them know what resources are available to them for cleanliness.”

Here at Memorial more than ever cleanliness is being put into effect. 

So remember students, with all this panic of Covid- 19 going around, wash your hands, use hand sanitizer regularly, cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough, and for the love of whatever you believe in, stay home if you are sick.