Netflix series “Cheer”, worth the watch!


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The Netlflix series, “Cheer”, is the perfect show for anyone who enjoys drama, sports, and reality.

Dana Ibarra, Photographer

Netflix series “Cheer” is centered on the Navarro Cheerleading Team who are known for winning 13 national titles and five grand national titles since 2000 under the leadership of their coach, Monica Aldaman. With months leading up to their biggest competition, the series follows the team in Navarro Community College Corsicana, TX. The documentary captures both the riveting action and as well as the drama. 

From the beginning of the season, it is made crystal clear that there is an extensive amount of athletic ability required in order to compete in cheerleading. Not only that, but there are a number of risks taken that inevitably lead to injury. Yes, the stunts are amazing and candy to the eye, but they can be disastrous. Because of this, watching what the team is able to accomplish with correct timing, stability, and precision, is extremely impressive. 

Consisting of 14 girls and 24 boys, only twenty members of the team get to make “mat.” Mat refers to the selected athletes who get to compete for Nationals, essentially it’s the cheerleaders who are the most skilled. 

This is one of the most nail biting parts of the series. Obviously, all these athletes are insanely talented, but when it comes to mat, the stakes are high and brutal. 

“Cheer” takes an in depth perspective on some of the cheerleaders. Throughout the six part series, they spotlight some of the members of the team. It draws out the true emotion and humanity they all hold. They give the true reality of the athletes and the real life struggles they face.

 It really sets the focus away from all the glitz and glam that comes with the outward appearance of a cheer squad, which combats the stereotypical assumptions that society tends to express towards cheerleaders.

Most of the time when we think of cheerleaders, we imagine people lined up on the sideline at a football game with pom pom’s shouting “go team”, but that is nowhere near the same as competitive cheerleading.

 “Cheer” definitely changed the way I thought about cheerleading. You don’t have to know much about cheerleading before watching “Cheer”, the series does an exceptional job at showing and explaining cheerleading. 

Overall, “Cheer” is the perfect show for anyone who enjoys drama, sports, and reality. With only six parts, it was an easy watch, but I’m really hoping there will be another season. I give it an outstanding 10/10 Greenfields!

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