IT is Horror Movie Standout


Amanya Gonzalez, Writer

Many have awaited the arrival of the latest Stephen King film: It. The film has a run time just short of three hours and was released on Sep.5  It: Chapter 2 tells the story of the Losers’ Club fight between Pennywise and the club members after they become adults.

The group reunites after 27 years to defeat the clown once and for all. Although they feel a connection to Derry, none of them—except for Mike—quite remember what they came for. The film depicts the clown as the group’s worst fears, whether it be domestic abuse, the fear of the truth, or accepting death.

Throughout the film, there are many King-sized terrors, and it doesn’t shy away from gore. Pennywise is a bloodthirsty monster that forces the group to confront their fears. The story is one of growing up, of acceptance, and of understanding what it means to do that. Despite the movie being a horror flick, it’s filled with laughs, tears, and exceptional character development.
Overall, the film used its running time to go into depth with each character and had intriguing storylines. Many fans are eager to see this next adaptation. Never one to shy away from a horror movie, Tyler Mullet, 10, is already making plans to purchase tickets. “It looks like a really good movie, and I’m looking forward to seeing it.”

It brings a fresh, new telling of King’s work and makes It stand out among many other horror movies.