To all the boys that I didn’t actually like before…

Kailey’s harsh review of the much anticipated second installment of “To All the Boys” film series.


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Even though “To All the Boys I Love: P.S. I Still Love you” was much anticipated by Laura Jean followers, Opinion Editor, Kailey Blazier found it to be unrealistic and filled with unnecessary drama.

Kailey Blazier, Opinion Editor


The hype that surrounded “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before: P.S. I Still Love You” was the equivalent of the invention of sliced bread.

Let me just start off by saying Laura Jean did every boy she’s loved before DIRTY. At first, I understood the whole caught between two guys and it was okay, but then she kissed both of them five minutes apart.

The backstory of the first movie feels as though it was superficial and then all of a sudden in the newer movie, we find out all of these details that we did not know before.

Not to mention how unrealistic the movie makes high school look. Like oh yeah, let’s totally just go makeout on the track while gym class is in session! Mrs. Boyden would never let anyone do that.

This movie has more drama in it than ever before.

We find out the backstory of why Peter was actually in the hot tub on that night at the ski club, and there were controversial thoughts over whether Laura Jean overreacted or if her reaction was justified.

My professional opinion is that homegirl could have taken it a little better than she did, it’s not like Peter didn’t WANT to be there with her. She just wasn’t a part of the plan.

Then there’s the drama between Gen and Laura Jean. We all know that when someone dates your ex-boyfriend, there’s a hidden hatred. But soon, it is revealed that Gen has underlying family issues.

Laura Jean begins to look like the bad guy after she is rude and creates a scene in front of the whole lacrosse team.

Then she goes and kisses John Ambrose and then two seconds later says nevermind. Which totally confuses everyone seeing that she had just broken up with Peter.

That was where I really started to say “seriously?” because at that point, the producers are just trying to make this movie longer.

I did like the depth that was present with Stomy and the way that it shone a light on how unique every person is. Stormy was this kick butt old lady who gave the best advice and the best dresses.

This movie went from making me feel really single to making me feel better about being single because in the end, no boy is worth all THAT drama.

Overall, I give this movie a solid 4/10 Greenfield’s, as I would never really watch it again even if someone paid me.

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