Grades 9-12: A Conveyor Belt of Experiences


Bianca Morales, Writer

   As the new school year swings into action, all can say their experience in high school has changed with each passing year. From freshmen to seniors, no two years are alike. Yet, all have an opinion on how their respective year here at Central is going. Is it having the time of their life or patiently waiting to leave? King of the hill or scared little mouse? Who are you?

Even though freshmen just started their journey as high schoolers, they all are in a new school. To you, Freshmen, what is the major difference between high school and middle school?

  • “The periods are longer, there are more people, and it’s better.” – Ava Bordeau, 9
  • “You have more classes; it’s very overwhelming.”- Colleen Conners, 9

After experiencing the first year of being a freshman, a few sophomores can admit that they have done something regrettable in high school. Sophomores, if you could give freshmen any advice, what would it be?

  • “Focus in class—so stop yelling and making random comments!”- Joseph Richardson, 10
  • “Do your work and go to school!”- Nereida Martinez, 10

As juniors, getting this year over with in anticipation of becoming a senior seems to be a high priority. However, Juniors, as this year slowly passes, what are you most looking forward to?

  • “Soccer games! They’re very suspenseful.”- Josue Castro, 11
  • “To do better than last year, catch up, and get all my credits.”- Laura Soto, 11

Finally to the seniors: It will be a year of memories—some that have happened during the past three years and some still in the making. They’ve experienced many interesting moments. So, Seniors, out of all those wacky things you’ve done, what was the craziest thing that has happened to you these past four years?

  • “The weirdest thing that ever happened to me was the time that I was in gym class playing Sharks-and-Minnows. This kid hissed at me, and then I almost drowned!”- Grace Robinson, 12
  • “The craziest thing that has happened to me is the amount of homework I have gotten.”- Arturo Churro, 12

Regardless of which grade a person is in on this educational conveyor belt, all agreed that it is a temporary point in life, so all should make the most of it.