Is Disney+ a Mickey-Mouse Idea?


Irlyn Milfort, Writer

Some things can’t happen just by waving a magic wand in the air, and when Disney realizes their fairytale idea of replacing Netflix won’t come true, the better off the streaming world will be.

Entering the world of streaming services is Disney, who announced their plan to launch Disney+, a streaming provider including all old and new Disney owned TV shows and movies, which is set to launch in the U.S. on Nov. 12 of this year.

Disney+ plans to give Netflix a run for its money by proposing that their catalog will include 7,000 episodes of TV series and 400-500 movies that include all the classic Disney shows and movies. Disney+ is even creating their own original shows based on the characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Star Wars saga, and even a mockumentary following the events of the High School Musical movies. These shows are similar to Netflix originals, such the widely known Thirteen Reasons Why.

Yes, Disney+ has much to offer, but still falls short to Netflix, who has eight times the selection of Disney+. Disney joining streaming services is a risky move for them; they may have started a little too late, especially since providers such as Hulu and Netflix have built their companies into industry giants with household names.

   Rhea Kunder, 11, who admittedly is a fan of movies and streaming services shares her opinion on Disney’s attempt to control the market, “Disney+ won’t beat Netflix, because Netflix is already such a big company worldwide. They have a wide range selection, whereas Disney+ will just offer Disney related movies and shows that are mainly for kids. Netflix is a better fit for families since their selection is kid and adult based.”

   Disney’s error in their streaming service may be that they are advertising to only younger audiences. This could lead to parents not wanting to pay for Disney+ and instead stay with Netflix, who offers options for younger and older audiences.

Disney+ may plan to have the success Netflix has, but in reality, they’re just a rookie in the streaming industry. Disney+ offers shows and movies from childhood that aren’t available anywhere else, but they can’t offer a series that older viewers would enjoy. That’s where they’ll lose a majority of their subscribers. Netflix, on the other hand, gets many subscribers because they create original T.V. series that are intended for older and younger audiences.

Disney may dominate the entertainment business, but they won’t have any luck making streaming services part of their Magic Kingdom.