Musician of the week: Madalynn Fendrick


Photo submitted by Madalynn Fendrick

Juniors Madalynn Fendrick and Joy Leonard received the “Outstanding Junior Leadership” award at the 2019 Elkhart Memorial Marching Band Banquet. Madalynn is the musician of the week for GENESIS.

Dana Ibarra, Photographer

Junior Madalynn Fendrick is a talented musician with a passion for music. She is a drum major for the Crimson Charger Command and plays in the Wind Ensemble and the Pep Band.

GENESIS: How long have you been in band?

MADALYNN FENDRICK: “I have been in band since 6th grade, so for 5 years.”

G: Why did you pick the French horn?

MF: “I actually wanted to choose alto saxophone, but all of the spots were already filled and I could buzz really well, so I just chose French horn.”

G: Do you plan on doing music in college? If so, what would you do later on as a career?

MF: “I have no plans to continue with music as far as education goes, but I will probably continue to play fun pieces on my instruments. I do not have any career plans that include music as of right now.”

G: Do you play more than one instrument?

MF: “I play six instruments currently, but I only play two for band, those are the Mellophone and French horn. The French horn is the only one I play year round.”

G: What is your favorite part of band?

MF: “My favorite part about band is the family bond that is formed. When you spend six out of seven days of a week with each other, there is a close bond that happens without anyone even realizing it and it is my favorite part of band. It’s like you’re having a conversation with someone and you realize that just a few months ago you were complete strangers.”

Photo submitted by Maddie Fendrick
Drum Major junior Maddie Fendrick and percussionist junior Lauren Stubbs pose for a picture together at Pike High School before the Semi State band competition on Saturday, Nov. 2. While the Crimson Charger Command placed 12th, missing State qualification by two places, members felt that their performance was solid.

G: As a drum major, what are some big responsibilities you hold?

MF: “Drum major is a lot of responsibility, aside from holding a steady tempo, it is our responsibility to be leaders, stay focused as much as possible, and be the best role models we can be.”

G: What is your favorite part of being a drum major?

MF: “My favorite part about being drum major is the end of the show when we cut off and horns go down, and everyone is out of breath. There’s this moment of silence before people clap and it’s like time slows down.”

G: What do you consider your biggest accomplishments in band?

MF: “Earning drum major is definitely one of my greatest band accomplishments, but every year since freshman year I have earned best leadership for my class and I’m incredibly proud of that as well.”