Prom plans include a new venue, Roaring Twenties theme


Susan Kay Photography

Seniors Jessica Santillan, Emily Karre, Katelyn Karre, Jenaro DelPrete and Annika Smith enjoy a Night in Hollywood for prom on Saturday, May 18 2019.

Daniela Morales , Staff Writer

With prom right around the corner, the junior class representatives are hard at work making the final plans. Among those plans are a Roaring Twenties theme and a new venue: the Palais Royale.

“We  are extremely committed to doing this prom ‘Gatsby’ style,” president of the junior class, Madalynn Fendrick said. “Going back, we really wanted to celebrate 2020 and Elkhart Memorial’s final year the right way. We’re working very hard just to get things right on track and keep it beautiful and elegant.”

Along with the theme, Fendrick shared some inside information about the the new venue. Usually, prom is held in downtown Elkhart at the Lerner Theatre, but this year will be a little different.

“We had a lot of people express the fact that they were not a fan of how prom was done last year just because there were certain things that people just didn’t like,” Fendrick said. “and so we wanted to find something new, somewhere exciting, somewhere different, and in our search we found the Palais Royale which is right in downtown South Bend. The venue itself is pretty much perfect for a 20’s party.”

The announcement of a new venue is creating excitement for prom goers who are looking for a fresh experience.

“The new venue is definitely going to be better than having it at the Lerner Theatre every year,” senior Emily Karre said.

However, the thing that still seems to be on many people’s mind is: What will I wear?

“I am most excited about seeing how diverse everyone is with what they wear and how they decide to take their pictures,” junior Rayan Rios said. 

Prom is on May 16 with dinner from 7-8 p.m. and dancing from 8 to midnight. Tickets go on sale for $35 each starting in April, but prices will increase in May.