10 pet peeves of a Deaf person

According to ASL teacher Larissa McFarland and her family.


Cecilia Macedo

ASL teacher, Larissa McFarland works with sophomore Shawndi Snider. Monday, March 9 in Room A135.

Mariem Boussaha, Staff Writer

Deaf History Month begins on March 13 and runs through April 15, so in recognition of this designation, as a school community, we should continue to education ourselves about Deaf culture.

Here are the top ten most annoying scenarios that Deaf people experience, according to ASL teacher Larissa McFarland and her family.

Pet Peeve 1:

Fake Sympathy: When a hearing person finds out you’re deaf and says, “Oh, I’m so sorry.”

Pet Peeve 2:

When someone says, “I know ASL” but all they can do is finger spell

Pet Peeve 3:

When a hearing person says, “Oh, you’re deaf? So you know Braille?

Pet Peeve 4:

Assuming that all deaf people want to hear.

Dana Ibarra
Freshman Izavier Jennings and Sophomore JoEdward Bynum practice signing about their daily schedule for their video assignment on Monday, Nov. 25.

Pet Peeve 5:

When hearing people want to fix them.

Pet Peeve 6:

When a hearing person walks up to someone who’s deaf and talks like a sloth while yelling.

Pet Peeve 7:

When hearing people assume that deaf people can’t do anything; for example, drive, work, and parent.

Pet Peeve 8:

When businesses aren’t willing to accommodate.

Dana Ibarra
Sophomore Domunique Richardson-Bates and Freshman Alexis King sign about their weekly schedule for their dialogue assignment on Monday, Nov. 25.

Pet Peeve 9:

When a hearing person is speaking and a deaf individual asks, “What did you say?” and the person who’s hearing says, “Don’t worry about it.” Basically, excluding them from the conversation.

Pet Peeve 10:

Being made to feel like their deafness is a burden on those around them.