Zumbo’s Just Desserts: What a setup!



“Zumbo’s Just Desserts” Season 1 premiered on Netflix on Aug. 22, 2016. While Season 2 premiered on Nov. 17, 2019. Season 1 left me craving more, but Season 2 was a set-up. “June 19, 2011 – Dessert @ Fratellos” by popo.uw23 is licensed under CC PDM 1.0

Daniela Morales, Staff Writer

“Zumbo’s Just Desserts” is essentially a baking show that showcases 10 contestants on their journey to win $100,000.

Each contest makes one of their own original creations for each round. The judges, Adriano Zumbo and Rachel Khoo, decide the two weakest creations. The makers of those creations then battle it out to stay in the competition by advancing to the Zumbo Test.

The Zumbo Test is, in my opinion, the most interesting part of the competition. Seeing contestants trying to remake desserts made by the famous Adriano Zumbo is really suspenseful. 

Since the creations are so intricate and hard to make, at least one contestant is sure to make a mistake. 

This test is what eliminates contestants one-by-one until only two are left standing. 

Now I will give credit, Season 1 was exquisite, all around for me it was definitely a competition that kept me on the edge of my seat. From the suspense of desert makers dropping their creations or not finishing them on time it was for sure a show that made me come back for more.

However, when Season 2 arrived, there seemed to be a slight problem.

You see, in Season 1 of the grand finale nobody in my family really knew or could tell who was going to win. However, this wasn’t the case for Season 2. The whole competition was predictable. And as a viewer I was easily getting bored.

For the final episode, everything seemed too perfectly packaged. For example, when Adriano and Rachel were getting ready to judge the two contestants to see who would win, for some reason, I already knew who they were going to pick.

It’s a bit fishy, as if they had already picked the winner before the finale. The entirety of Season 2 just seemed staged.

Besides this whole fiasco of it being staged, I noticed that the expectations for contestants was set way lower than they were for the contestants in Season 1. 

Don’t get me wrong, both Season 1 and Season 2 contestants were amazingly talented, but for some reason, it just felt like the competition was dumbed down. Or in other words, not as challenging as it was in Season 1.

It wasn’t all bad though, this season did seem more heartfelt, concerning the relationships between the competitors. They seemed more like a family rather than being super mean or jealous of one another which I truly did enjoy as it allowed the competition to feel more light and comforting.

Season 1 all together is a 10/10. While Season 2, unfortunately, is 7/10. Overall, I would definitely recommend watching it if you are someone who enjoys baking or if you are like me, a person who can’t bake, but still enjoys watching other people bake.