Artist of the Week: Chloe Sharp


Daniela Morales

Junior Chloe Sharp poses with a piece of her work entitled “Strung Heart.”

Daniela Morales , Staff Writer

Junior Chloe Sharp has been an aspiring photographer since fifth grade. She is currently taking AP Art. Get to know more about her below!

GENESIS: What is the main type of artwork that you do?

CHLOE SHARP: Mainly photography, sometimes I do digital design with photography, so I’ll change the picture just a little bit into something that you couldn’t do with just a camera.

G: At what age or grade did art spark your interest? 

CS: Probably like fifth or sixth grade. I always liked when we had specials. I liked having art. Middle school art was fun and I liked getting into high school art because you could choose what you wanted to do and choose different forms of art.     

G: What art classes are you currently taking or you have previously taken? 

CS: I’m currently in AP Art, so I do a little bit of everything for that one, but in the past years, I’ve taken photography and drawing.

G: What made you want to take AP Art? 

CS: I like an array of art styles. I like to be able to do a lot of different things and in AP Art you can do that, you don’t have to focus on one subject.

G: So you are taking AP Art, how has that been so far? 

CS: I really like it. It’s a lot less stressful. There aren’t as many deadlines at once, we just have checkups, but you can do your own thing. So you take your pictures outside of class and by the end of the school year, you have a certain amount you have to have done. That doesn’t mean you can sit and do nothing because you still have to have a  concentration part for your portfolio.

G: How do you find time to do all these projects? 

CS: The editing and creating is all in class, but I have to take pictures outside of class, so I find time out of school to take pictures, like I’ve been to South Bend and I’ve just walked around. 

G: How do you take the test for AP Art? 

CS: For AP Art you put together a portfolio of twenty items: five of which you think are your best that you’ve done in the past year. The rest are what you call concentration, so they are all kind of in the same genre, so you kind of have a theme for them. You put together the portfolio, somebody looks at it and that’s how they decide if you get the credit, instead of a test. 

G: Are you planning on pursuing art after high school? 

CS: I want to take photography in college as a minor to do a small photography business, maybe even work for somebody while I’m in college. Or after college, having it as a side job because it’s a quick and easy thing to do, but it’s also fun, and people will always need photographers. 

G: What is your major going to be in college? 

CS: I want to go into pharmacy, but I’m always going to like photography. I’m always going to want to take pictures of my family and friends.

G: How would you describe the style of photography that you do to someone who hasn’t seen it? 

CS: I like realistic and I really like black and white. So I don’t do a ton of abstract. It’s mainly bold, straightforward, lots of contrast. That’s why I like black and white because you have that contrast there. I also like color pop, so black and white and then you have that one thing that’s colored. 

G: What advice would you give to a beginner artist? 

CS: Not everything is going to be the same and a lot of people are going to have different art forms. Like I’d say Mr. Hartman’s art form is abstract and I’m more realistic, so you just have to keep in mind that it’s not all going to be the same. Also if it’s your idea and you want to create it, then you should.   

Check out some of her art pieces below!