Artist of the Week: Emma Masten


Photo by Abbie Krider

Senior Emma Masten poses for her senior photos taken by Memorial graduate Abbie Krider.

Jenaro DelPrete, Staff Writer/Social Media Manager

Senior Emma Masten, coming in at 5’2 and 100 lbs, at 17 years old is one of the many great artists here in EMHS and in Elkhart county. I sat down with her and got an exclusive look into her art-making process and the creative mindset at play every day. 

GENESIS: When did you first start making art? 

EMMA: “I was 7 years old. My dad actually got me into drawing, grandma too.”

G: What or who inspires you to create?

E: “My dad and my grandmother are my biggest inspirations, both are very creative and exposed me to art. I guess some of my other inspo is from nature, really. What’s it called…I like interpretation of life art I guess.”

G: It’s your senior year, what are your plans for after high school?

E: “I’m going to be going to school for art and teaching. Most likely IUSB. I want to be an art teacher, high school art to be honest.”

G: What takes place when you are getting into the drawing or painting process?

E: “Well, sometimes it depends. I have creative days, some more than others. My emotions are probably what comes out the most in my art, certain moods really get me going.”

G: Give us some insight and tips that you use in your art.

E: “I try different styles a lot. I keep an open mind- I’d say I live free minded, you know? Go with the flow, that’s what I use for everything.”

G: Anything special or fun about you that you’d like the people to know?

E: “I think one day I’d like to go to California, California might be the move, you know? No one wants to live in a stuck up society. I just want my little studio apartment and live my life, you know?” 

Emma creates wonderful abstract and realistic art which can be seen around Memorial.