Athlete of the week: Three sport athlete, Lashawn Brown

After taking a year off the court, senior Lashawn Brown is back.


Senior Lashawn Brown drives to the basket on a Tippy Valley defender. Photo courtesy of Kellen Hartman

Damien Funnell, Staff Writer/Sports Score Manager

At the beginning of his junior year, senior Lashawn Brown transferred to Memorial. As a junior, Brown played football and ran track, but missed out on playing Charger basketball.

Now as a senior, he’s decided that alongside of playing football and track that he would tryout for the basketball team; even after missing last season. He was skeptical about playing at first, but after talking to Coach Kyle Sears, Brown decided he would play for his final year of high school.

Genesis :  How does it feel being a Charger basketball player instead of a Blazer?

Lashawn Brown:  I love the connection that I have with my coaches and teammates a lot more here. I feel like I fit into a role that I can be successful in. 

G:  How do you think taking a year off basketball impacted you in your play now? 

LB:  The year off wasn’t that bad. It does hurt me a little bit now though on the court. I’m a little behind everyone else when it comes to plays and chemistry, so I have a lot of catching up to do.

G:  How is practicing with these guys? How well do you fit in?

LB: The energy at practice is intense. They come to play everyday and I plan on doing the same. We all support each other and I’m going to support them. 

G:  What do you think you’ll do best on this team?

LB:  That would be my defense, but I’m going to do whatever it takes to win. Whether that’s shooting the ball, passing it, or playing defense.