Esvin decides it’s time for a change

With a new mentality, workout routine, and diet, senior Esvin Herrera is staying motivated to improve his health.


Photo submitted by Esvin Herrera

Esvin Herrera with his brother, Alvin, and good friend, Elias at the gym on Wednesday, Oct. 30.

Kailey Blazier, Opinion Editor

In one’s life, people go through a number of changes: some physical and some personal. For senior Esvin Herrera, he decided that it was time to change both. 

Around August, Esvin looked at himself in the mirror and decided that he simply was not happy with what he saw. 

As a role model and a support system, Esvin looked to his older brother, Alvin.

“My brother works out a lot and he is huge, so my goal is to be almost as big as him,” Esvin said.

Whenever Esvin thinks about giving up, Alvin is there to remind him of their motto: “You aren’t a Herrera if you don’t finish this set.” 

Going to the gym just about every day of the week, sometimes twice a day, Esvin has proven that he is determined to change, already losing 15 pounds in addition to building a lot of muscle. 

The decision that Esvin made to go to the gym twice a day and eat healthier was not an easy one to make. 

“I feel more motivated to become the person I want to see,” Esvin said. “Anything is possible if you try hard and put in the work and dedication.”

It never sounded appealing to give up the foods he loved along with a large portion of his time, but what did sound appealing was getting better for himself. 

“When you see your progress, you will get motivated to become the person you wish to see in that gym mirror in the future,” Esvin said.