To the moon and back: Students volunteer at the Ethos Science Center celebration

Christian Ayers, Staff Writer

On Thurs., March 21, Ethos Science Center held an exhibition titled “To the Moon and Back” in celebration of the 60th anniversary of NASA and the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. With a newly renovated building, Ethos is located on, 1025 N Michigan Street, in Elkhart, Indiana.

One of our own teachers here at Elkhart Memorial, actually the CEO of Ethos, John Taylor, is committed to advancing and growing the minds of our youth and to opening their minds to math and science. Because of this, a number of Elkhart Memorial students were on hand to help out with the event.

Christian Ayers
Junior Sean Khomphengchan volunteers at Ethos on Fri., March 19 in the escape room. The Ethos Science Center offers community events and summer camps for elementary and middle school aged kids that are full of hand-on learning experiences.

“There was a great turnout and all of the little kids were engaged and active,” said junior Joseph Gard. “Parents and kids alike were loving the escape room where I was personally working.”

Another, popular exhibit was the planetarium. Preston Starr, Director of Dark Sky Observatory, and Ron “Starman” Diculio were controlling the planetarium from the University of North Texas.

“The planetarium show and astrological presentations were big hits as well,” Gard said. “I sat in on the last presentation and was wowed by the scope of knowledge the professor showed and he answered all of my questions and more.”

As guests walked around, it was evident that everyone was having a good time, trying out all the experiments and exhibitions. That is what is really cool about Ethos, it is not one of those places where guests can only look; they get to touch too and that is what little kids love.

Christian Ayers
Seniors Jessica Corredor-Leon and Margo Cruz peer into a microscope on Fri., March 19 at the Ethos Science Center. They both were volunteering during the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the formation of NASA.

Come and visit some time. Ethos is a great time for parents and kids alike. Maybe you will learn something new or do something you never knew was possible. Ethos offers a number of science camps to the younger members of our community, so if you need something to keep your siblings busy in the summer, you might suggest Ethos Summer Camps.