Sports Opinion: Bringing life back to Cleveland


Damien Funnell, Staff Writer

17 years. It’s been 17 years since the Cleveland Browns last went to the playoffs. Since then, the franchise has been the laughing stock of the NFL. Never seeing even the slightest chance of hope in competing for a Super Bowl championship. But this upcoming NFL season, we might finally see a change in culture around Cleveland.

The future for the Browns was already beginning to look promising, but after drafting Baker Mayfield, the team now has a guy in the locker room that knows how to be a winner and has that fire to lead that we need in a quarterback. In the same draft, they also managed to pick up Denzel Ward, Nick Chubb and Antonio Calloway who are all young talents and can become key contributors to the Browns in the future. This is all stuff that we already knew about the promising future.

Let’s talk about who they’ve acquired this off-season. Odell Beckham Jr.! This guy is widely known as one of the top wide receivers in the NFL and is a great addition to a team who already seemed as if they would be stacked on the offensive side of the ball. But on top of all of this, they also signed Kareem Hunt to a contract which no one seems to be talking about. Yes, I know he will be suspended for eight games, but when he comes back, the team’s options for what they can do are endless.

The depth chart for the Browns is now  insanely stacked. They’ve got offensive talent all across the board and the defense isn’t any slouch with their young talent. I think it’s safe to say the ticket prices for Browns games will skyrocket after all these changes around the city.