What makes up a multiverse?


Michael Schoon, Staff Writer

Hello readers, here’s another story about the multiverse. I hope you enjoy it and prepare to see what I believe makes up the each Multiverse and what they might be called if they don’t have these factors within them. Before you read anymore, I would suggest checking out my previous story about the multiverses called “My Own Theory About ‘Thee’ multiverses.”

Can you imagine how you would look in another multiverse? Maybe you can, maybe you can’t. Either way, there’s a possibility of what you think. It’s time for you to take a look inside my mind of what I believe a multiverse is made up of.

Multiverses are an interesting thing.  We may not even know that we live within one. In my own theory, a multiverse can contain dimensions. Dimensions where there is nothing but a void or where there are living beings that are still yet to be discovered by man. No one really knows what a dimension is.

Multiverses are not just made up of dimensions though. Within those dimensions contains six other parts of the multiverse. The second largest of the six parts that makes up a multiverse is Creations. Creations can be dead, alive, or even undead, it all depends on how the multiverse is made and which one you’re talking about.

Within the Creations, the fifth and fourth largest parts are called Life and Death, which are the only two that are tied within size, for when a being dies, a being is born keeping the cycle within balance. Life is what keeps death from overflowing and vice versa.

Life and Death are like the Yin-Yang in a way because they are opposites that help one another keep the flow.

Within Life and Death there is time, which is the third largest layer. Now I know it might be weird to put time here because it should be after multiverse with everything needing time to go in complete rotation, but not everything follows the rules of time. The reason why not all things follows the rules of time is because not everything is within the flow of time. There are only two things that follows the time. Two things that are within the flow of time.

Within time the second largest layer is known as universes. Universes are space with many solar systems like own. Not many of us thinks of universes and solar systems being too much different from one another. Well, solar systems are actually smaller than universes like our own solar system. Though there is a better name for solar systems and it’s known as galaxies–as the galaxy we live in known as the Milky Way Galaxy instead of the milky way solar system.

Now, the smallest layer out of all of them may surprise you and might not at the same time. The smallest one within the cycle of Multiverses is known as worlds or planets. Planets are the smallest because every multiverse has planets but not all has humanoids living within them.

We may think we know a whole bunch of facts about the multiverses, dimensions, creations, life, death, time, universes/solar systems, and even planets or worlds, but the truth is what we think we know about all of these could just 0.0000000000000000000001% of that. We may not be the smartest or even the best tool in the shed, but we can work harder to make that percentage higher.

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