The laziness epidemic

In a world of ease and technology, how lazy is society really becoming?


Xavier Sullivan, Staff Writer

Laziness is an all too rampant problem in society that not only burdens oneself, but also the others around them. And the advent of technology isn’t helping.

First, I’d like to take the perspective of the lazy person, using technology and services to their advantage. For example, buying something off of Amazon is just a few mouse clicks away, and if you’re willing to pay a few extra dollars, it will arrive the day after tomorrow, guaranteed. Very easy and simple to do, all without having to leave the house, or even get off the couch really. And just like that, your new cat grooming tool will arrive in the mail next Tuesday.

But convenience comes with a price. And often burdensome one too.  Take a look at it from the perspective of my dad, who is a package car driver for UPS. He knows all too well the struggles of having to deliver large, heavy, awkward to carry, boxes of furniture (that are usually damaged or broken by the time they arrive) up to third floor apartments in a complex with no elevator. Daily. Namely, I’m referring to the Autumn Lakes Apartments & Townhomes located right next to the Meijer on Bremen Highway in the outskirts of Mishawaka.  

Why does the fact that it’s located next to Meijer matter? Well, that’s because my dad was telling one of his many stories of ridiculousness from UPS, and how somebody had ordered a toaster off of Amazon. 

A TOASTER. You live right next to a gosh diddly darn grocery store, dude. You seriously couldn’t have gone over and gotten one for cheaper, that also had the added feature of not being beaten up and tossed around in transit?

And how does he know what is in the packages, you might ask? Well, that is because even Amazon is too cheap and lazy to bother putting the product in another box half of the time. They just stick a shipping label right on the box it comes in. I always get a good laugh around christmas time when my dad comes home from work telling my mom and I about all the apparent kids’ christmas presents that are just oh-so casually laid on the doorsteps of many households.

Beit that Amazon was the second trillion dollar company, just behind Apple, it is no surprise that people enjoy not having to  get up and go outside in public to buy things. But this doesn’t just include the novelty of things like handy household objects, and not even home furnishings, but rather actual necessities.

Maybe the reason this dudc didn’t go to the grocery store to get a toaster was because he doesn’t even need to go get groceries at all. Amazon, who acquired Whole Foods back in 2017, has a delivery service that will deliver your groceries to your house. Once again, without necessarily having to get off the couch.

Walmart also has a service where you can order your goods online, and have an associate bring them out to your car, loading them in your trunk for you. However, that one actually requires you to leave your house.

Fast food, a quick and easy meal is another prime source for those who don’t like to put in the effort to cook. You just go in, and you’re back out in five minutes. Or, you can go the quicker, easier route, and go through the drive thru, not even needing to get out of your car. But even that’s not lazy, not really. Not compared to having your fast food delivered to your front door. Services such as Grubhub or Ubereats, now offered at some participating restaurants, will get your food for you, and bring it to you.

I wish to note that I don’t intend to just bash on Amazon, because I don’t like them. I also have no issue with making Amazon purchases on stuff you couldn’t just go out and buy. It’s the lazy millennials that use Amazon to buy things that they could always just, you know, actually go out to a store and buy, like a normal, sane person would. And I also don’t intend on bashing on all millennials because I don’t like them. Only the lazy ones. But laziness isn’t just a millenial problem, or an Amazon exclusive either.

Let’s shine some light on the laziness of Generation Z too. Even here in school, lazy Gen Z’ers are an issue. With students that don’t do their homework, or procrastinate on large assignments, it can have real detriment on their grades. Poor grades mean that getting into college will be more difficult, and in a world where getting a decent job requires a college degree, then life long hating your job and questioning your life choices will ensue, quickly followed by regret, and wishing you weren’t lazy.

Those who don’t get out into the real world every once in awhile, and who are usually on their own, may end up becoming socially awkward, or having no friends. And having no friends means you get lonely and cry at night. And being lonely and crying at night sucks. So please, do yourself a favor: get your homework done, get your lazy butt out of the house, and get some work done. Otherwise, you will achieve nothing.

The views in this column do not necessarily reflect the views of the GENESIS staff. Reach Xavier Sullivan at [email protected].