COVID CURE: Hope and Patience

COVID CURE: Hope and Patience

Amanya Gonzales, Writer

For many, an extended vacation seems like a dream come true. It goes to show that the saying “Be careful what you wish for” does hold true.

Leaving for a never-ending Spring Break has begun to take its toll on everyone. Teachers, students, and the world around feel the gripping feeling of isolation. However, in this time filled with loneliness and boredom, one must remember that it is in hopes of saving lives.

Although thousands of lives have been lost due to this pandemic, much of the world doesn’t fully grasp the effect this virus holds over the world. From local businesses to even friendships, the world has been struggling to cope. Connor Willis,10, admits, “Keeping up with friends and schoolwork is a struggle. It forces you to see who really is your friend. And,” he continues, “even though I’m stuck in the house, it is hard to concentrate on my schoolwork, too.”

It is important to remember that every day staying home is potentially saving a life. The more people participate in social distancing and self-quarantine, the better the chances are of flattening the curve. Although all are impacted by this pandemic, some are facing their own internal battles within this crisis. In hopes of eventually coming out of one’s burrow, though, one must practice self-discipline so that the fight to end this pandemic will become a great win.

Sometimes, when the whole world feels like it is going in the wrong direction, it takes one person to make a change. So, with every person fighting at home to flatten the curve, it matters. It saves lives and benefits the cause. Now is a time where hope and patience are needed more than ever, but it is up to one to seek it out deep within himself.