Olivia Bliler: A Bright Future Blazes Before Her


Amanya Gonzales, Writer

For many of this year’s Seniors, life has become one cliché rollercoaster ride filled with both epic highs and lows. However, many of these strong, young men and women have proven that they are destined for greatness. Within each devastation, the Class of 2020 continues to display courage and radiate positivity. For now, the only thing most are willing to look at with warm hearts is the past. But, for some of Blazer Seniors, the future still burns brightly.

Olivia Bliler, graduating Senior, looks at both the past and the future with a burning sense of optimism. Although she will never experience her Senior prom, she has a lifetime of memories filled with Blazer pride. She notes her favorite memory over the course of her four years as the Mangy games. “It was my favorite memory, because spending time with my friends made it memorable.”  Not only did the time she spent with friends impact her time as a Blazer, but her teachers did, as well. Bliler admits, “All my teachers in high school have been extremely influential; but,” she went on, “I would have to say Mr. Niederer, Mrs. Harrington, and Mrs. Baker have been the most impactful in my life.” She credits her teachers as well her peers with helping her blossom into the exceptional young woman she has become.

Next year, Bliler plans on attending Grace College in the hopes of becoming an international teacher. She dreams of teaching English as a second language, noting this: “I am excited to see where life takes me, as well as the start of the next chapter in my life!” She believes that with great determination and work ethic, her dreams are possible—and, in fact, they are no longer dreams but a distant future.

As her Senior year comes to an end, Bliler leaves believing her future is bright. She leaves her fellow peers with this advice: “Enjoy it while it lasts! Don’t worry too much. You only have so much time, and it goes by fast. So, make memories and have fun.”