Dormatories: Decorating The New Digs

Dormatories: Decorating The New Digs

Haidyn Fritz, Writer

College can be a stressful time for most. For almost all, it’s the first time going out to live on their own.

Leaving the metaphorical nest can be frightening. Luckily, most universities with dormitories require residents to live on campus for their freshman year, which offers plenty of time to figure out a housing situation in between classes, studying, homework, projects, exams, work and the like. But, a dorm room can feel pretty lonely at first, which isn’t ideal for an optimized college experience. Fortunately, this article exists to give some tips, tricks, and items most can do (or purchase) to make a dorm room feel a little bit homier!

To start, split this checklist into three main categories: Necessity, Recreation, and Transferable. Necessity and Recreation are pretty self-explanatory, but Transferable simply means this: “things you can take from your ‘old life’ to your new one”! Taking little trinkets from home can help a person feel comfortable in this new and terrifying life. For example, perhaps there’s a stuffed animal cherished since childhood. This would be ideal to take to college! The sense of nostalgia that this simple little item brings will help to decompress in this new environment, and this hypothetical stuffed animal could be anything. If there are pictures of happy times throughout life, those would, of course, be ideal to bring—or perhaps a hobby that doesn’t coincide with college major. Bring just a few little things from home, so as to not completely forget about childhood or the past.

Of course, with the old comes the new! Let’s start with the essentials. It’s recommended to go shopping for “a whole new you.” Start simple, with things like clothes and a new sheet-comforter set. These things alone can create the feeling of a fresh and fun start. Try looking through the lens of a whole new person. Maybe there is a hobby on the back burner. DO. IT. NOW! The reason “hobby” falls in the “essentials” category is that frankly, everyone needs something productive to do in his or her downtime to keep productivity high. “Downtime” doesn’t always mean “do nothing time.”

On a scholarly note, try picking up a new laptop or art supplies (shout-out to all the art majors). It can be tempting to skimp on these—or completely pass on buying and “just using the one you already have” (direct quote from YOUR mouth)—but just remember, Freshmen: you’re already in debt, what’s a few hundred more dollars?

Now the fun part: Recreation! When needing to just relax (and have no need to be productive), reach for the items in this area! A Nintendo switch (not sponsored) is highly recommended, from a personal standpoint. While they can be pricey, it’s a long-term investment. With hundreds of games, there really is something for everybody! They are highly portable, so when the time comes to finally leave, they won’t add any hassle. Additionally, try buying some things to spice up the look of the new space. Maybe go to Target and buy a minimalist painting, or a potted cactus plant (if your dorm allows it). This can help anywhere feel like a home—even a dark alley, with enough decorations!

Once again, hobbies are a great place to blow all one’s money, but in this case, maybe stick with something already known and loved. And, if feeling any doubt about the amount of money being spent, just remember: You’re already in debt!