Maria McComish Celebrates A Bright Future


Virtue Nyarko, Editor-in-Chief

High school has finally come to an end and it’s time to grant some recognition to a couple seniors. Starting off with Maria McComish who’s majoring in journalism at IU because “I love writing and want to make an impact on our current climate in America.” With an insight such as this, it’s important to reflect back on the times that best shaped this decision.

In terms of high school as a whole, Maria describes it as a unique experience. “There were times when it was extremely difficult transitioning to more difficult classes and having the grow out of old friendships, but everything had a way of working out and it gave me a lot of opportunities to grow.” Although all high school experiences are different, it’s safe to agree that finding classes and getting used to harder classes is not an easy task.

Finding yourself and discovering certain interests is a defining moment as well especially throughout the journey of high school. As McComish states, “My experience shaped me into a better person. I made a lot of mistakes sometimes but I was able to learn to adapt to change and put myself out there. I also learned that not everyone will be in your life forever, but it’s important to not hold on to any grudges because it will only prevent you from being happy with the good people in your life.” 

Even with four years of high school, the first significant moment is walking into the building as a freshman; scared and alone and not knowing where to go for classes or what friends will be made. Becoming an independent and experienced student who not only helps underclassmen navigate around the building but participates in school activities is truly a task that shapes one for the future, and to incoming freshmen, McComish advises this:  My advice is to always be kind to other people, but always voice what you feel is right. Also, most of your teachers are trying to help you, and sometimes it’s easier to let them. Also participate, go to games and dance because it will make your experience better.” 

   With words of wisdom such as these, it’s important to work hard and enjoy the high school experience due to the fact that memories surrounding high school moments are often forgotten or overlooked as more memories are made.

Here’s to the class of 2020, one that will never be forgotten.