COVID-19 Can’t Kill Blazer Spirit

Class Of 2020 Will Be Remembered As “Strong”


Amanya Gonzales, Writer

Many expected 2020 to be the makings of a movie, but what they didn’t guess was the genre: horror.

The Seniors of 2020 ushered in the new decade and were going to be a class to remember—regardless of any virus. However, these graduate hopefuls—who were born in the aftermath of 9/11—sadly saw the rise of chaos through COVID-19, bringing a new ending to their tale. Granted, Mr. B was bound to retire, and the Blazers were going to be no more. But, the tragic thing is how sudden the year—and the legacy—came to an end.

The silver lining, however, is this: The Class of 2020 will not be forgotten but will instead be remembered as the class who, by far, was the strongest. Many of Central’s Seniors, though sad, still shine a light on the memories and time spent as a Blazer. As these Seniors brave the new world, they will be well beyond ready.

So, Mr. B didn’t get the ending many had hoped for, but he taught many a great lesson. He taught the Seniors—and Central as a whole—that time is precious. In fact, what may seem like a tragedy can make one’s memories all the more golden. It can reshape the way many think; instead of a meaningless heartbreak, it can be a valuable lesson.

Senior, Dan Honick, reflects on his time as a Blazer stating, “Being a Blazer is something I am very proud of. I hate that I can’t go to Prom this year,” he adds. “It feels like I got my last chance taken away from me. But,” Honick concludes, “my favorite memory as a Blazer was watching our football team taking the Mangy home three times!” 

The thing, though, is Mr. B will live on through the Seniors and through all of Central’s students. In a time such as this, it is important more than ever to remember that cherished saying: “Once a Blazer, Always a Blazer.”

As long as Mr. B is remembered, not only for his lessons on sportsmanship but also for what it means to be a Blazer, he will live on in spirit.