Time Cut Short

Foreign Exchange Students Return To Homelands


Amanya Gonzales, Writer

They came into this country ready for a world of new and exciting experiences. They left suddenly and with so much left to discover. Their time as Blazers was short-lived but filled with memories that will remain everlasting.

One can only imagine traveling from a far-off country alone. The forgiven exchange students, however, did. These students packed up their lives for the chance at a taste of the American life. To give up everything for a dream such as theirs displays true bravery.

The tragedy is the time they had left was cut short due to COVID-19. With this, students found themselves having to say an early good-bye to their friends and loved ones. The silver lining for one exchange student, Marijn Plomp, was that she was reunited with her family. Plomp admits, “I had mixed feelings about coming home, because I didn’t want to leave yet. It didn’t feel like my time in the U.S. was done. But,” she concludes, “I did also want to see my family again.”

Looking back fondly, Plomp reflects on her time as, “an unforgettable experience.” She adds, “My favorite memories were the football games and the basketball games–and, sometimes, just driving around with friends.” 

Just as the U.S is battling COVID-19, Plomp’s home country, The Netherlands, is too. Plomp describes her home as being under quarantine. “We don’t have a lockdown, but we can only go into the supermarket with one person. In the streets, we can be with only two people, and at your house, you are only allowed three friends. So, I’m happy with the fact I at least get to see some friends.”

With both Central’s and the foreign exchange students’ time at school being cut short, one must remember that this is a problem much bigger than missing a prom or a graduation. This virus affects the entire world. Although time was cut short, it is in the hope of saving time. It was in the hope of saving lives and people affected by the virus.

In times like these, it is important not to dwell on missed time, but to be grateful for the time one had.