Class of 2020: Graduation Ceremony?


Lourdes Alfaro, Writer

   An ugly reality is quickly setting in: The Class of 2020 may not be able to walk across that stage after four long years of hard work.

   There have been numerous posts on Facebook about how all the hard work of students has gone down the drain with this virus interfering with not just school, but everything: Prom, awards banquets, athletics–and even Senior Skip Day! But, the biggest concern being posted is how Elkhart will handle graduation.

   “We are not sure what we are going to do yet with graduation, but we will for sure discuss what we will be doing after Spring Break,” offers Mrs. Kelly Berheide, Assistant Principal. 

   Fortunately, Elkhart Community School has all of the iPads, which enables students to continue earning credits this semester through eLearning. Without those, school may have had to resume in the summer, as Seniors should be focusing on college preparations instead.  A school in Mesa, Arizona, may have to do just that. 

   After all those years of hard work, summer should be a time for Seniors to celebrate–whether through graduation parties or even larger events. Many Seniors last year went on trips after graduating; many of the Seniors this year would also like to take that opportunity if all goes well. “I feel like this virus will affect my trip to Florida because with everything going on right now is so chaotic, and it will be a while before everything settles down,” stated Kelsey Stone, 12.

   With this being the last official group of Blazers, it has been heartbreaking for those in the Class of 2020 to hear that so much of the thrill of graduating will not occur. “I am really sad that the rest of Senior year is over,” began Elley Kuehne, 12. “I was so excited for all of the Senior pranks and Senior Skip Day!” Pausing for a moment, she added, “I guess we really went off for Senior Skip Day (haha)!” 

   Hopefully, the Class of 2020 might still have a chance for a graduation ceremony once officials have the chance to meet. “I have not been able to talk with the head principals since we just heard about the cancelation for school last Friday,” added Mrs. Berheide.

   Regardless of the outcome, the Class of 2020 can always hang their graduation caps on this truth: Once a Blazer, Always a Blazer!