Say What! Karaoke Winners

Winners in this year’s Say What Karaoke were Kaelyn Pinch, 11, and Kaila Chavarria, 11, whose first song in the contest was I Want It That Way by the Backstreet Boys. Moving on to the next round, they were “forced” to sing Brick on the Wall by Pink Floyd. When they announced who made it to the “death round,” it was Chavarria and Pinch against Esperanza Esparza, 12. Their “death round” song was Crazy In Love by Beyonce. After being announced as winners, the duo decided to sing one last song: Story of My Life by One Direction. Although this was Chavarria’s first year competing, Pinch had entered her sophomore year and decided to give it another shot this year. Ironically, the two had only practiced right before they had to go on. Their secret? “We just had a great time laughing!”