What A Fool Believes

April 1: A Time For Shenanigans


Haidyn Fritz, Writer

Trick or Treat! Oh wait… wrong holiday. But, it’s actually kind of interesting: April Fool’s Day actually follows a similar concept…but without the treat part—unless the treat is the reaction from friends when a successful prank is pulled off?

April Fool’s Day is deemed pointless by some. After all, people can prank their friends any other day of the week, or year for that matter. But, still, those with a true prankster’s spirit take this day as an opportunity to pull out their best shenanigans. And, over the years, there have been some great ones.

Fun fact: Pasta grows on trees. Not something that’s commonly known. In fact on April 1, 1957, a BBC show called Panorama ran a segment about Swiss pasta trees and their preview for that year’s harvest. Obviously, TV never lies! And, clearly, people were even more gullible in 1957 (Television was a relatively new invention)! So, who knows how long people went on believing that pasta was a harvestable kind of fruit. It’s widely believed that this is one of the greatest pranks of all time. No fooling!

But, pranks became user friendly over time. Of course, there is the infamous “fill a room with sticky notes” prank, which is commonly used in offices or schools. Ultimately effective for shock value, it also requires so much effort! “No, there is a far easier method. Just make it look like you did the whole prank…much easier and more effective.” That’s Sophomore Acobie Yoder’s take on the classic prank. “Fill like all the windows with sticky notes or balloons or whatever, and it’ll look like they’ve been pranked, but they were fooled twice.” A double prank! Ingenious.

Maybe April Fool’s Day gets less exciting with age, but there’s no reason the goofy and ridiculous holiday can’t just be appreciated. After all, who wants to be the one that can’t take a joke!

Oh, and also…pasta doesn’t actually grow on trees, for those who didn’t catch that.